Manchester and Whitworth art galleries. 1/03/

I made a visit to Manchester and Whitworth art galleries yesterday with the college.

As part of my primary research for my project I took lots of pictures by various artists relating to shape, line, structure and scale.These are,

1. Bruce Gildon,  2. Jim Dow,  3. Shiny Ohlake,  4. Evelyn Homer,  5. Cas Oorthuys, 6. Gian Bullurini,  7. Frank Habicht,  8. Axel Hutterite,  all on show at the Manchester gallery.

The artists represented at the Whitworth gallery included  1. Urbs militants, 2. Box Uccelli, 3. Deanna Petherbridge, 4.Mugarna, 5. Umbria Rurale. 6. Andy Warhol, 7. Brian Griffiths.

All the above artists are pertinent to my work regarding line, shape, pattern and structure, and I will come back to them at a later date as my work develops as and when I feel they will further my aspirations artistically. Maybe not all but some.

 I found the visit very helpful in seeing how other artists use line and form in so many different ways.


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