Reflectionsof the course so far.

I am a little over half way through my course, and although it has not been what I thought it would be, in a way that is not a bad thing.

After half term we start on our major project, and I really cannot envisage what my end project will look like, but then that is part of the journey, which is quite exciting, The possibilities are endless, and although we have to show research and development, I am going to make sure that my work is totally my idea and not copying someone else’s work or influenced by someone else.

I feel that when I look at other people’s work, it stifles my imagination and inhibits my ideas, which when I am interested in something come fast and furious.

I don’t know if I should record this, but I am going to anyway. Last week Peter came to me to ask how my work was progressing, I showed a piece of work that I had finished, he said that it needed more filling in as there was too much white showing. I said, “But I like it as it is and to me it is finished”. He then replied that I would never progress if I did not push myself, which really, I thought I was doing.

Well I like it as it is wether I am pushing myself or not. To which he replied, “But who is marking your work?” I really did not like the way he said it. I then told him that if a pass depended on doing something that the examiners would like at the expense of what I feel I should do, them I am prepared to fail. I do not think he liked that, so, rightly or wrongly I will, as they say, paddle my own canoe.

Now that I have got that off my chest, on a brighter note I have learnt so much on the course and it has helped to develop my artistic side.


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