How work progresses


The above images show how work develops stage by stage and how different the images look from one stage to the other, quite wonderful.

I don’t have a clear objective in mind when I begin a drawing, but the lines I use suggest possibilities.

Sometimes I am drawn to geometric shapes and at times I am drawn to organic shapes, but I draw intuitively with each mark suggesting the next.

I am drawn to Scottie Wilson and Madge Gills work because similarly they are not objective representations but intuitive. Scottie Wilson’s work is more akin to weaving and of regular pattern, as apposed to Madge Gill’s which has more of a spidery scratchy irregular line to it, As shown below.


img_2567I have explored and studied both Scottie Wilson’s and Madge Gill’s work and how their use of line although different is also similar. I have taken inspiration from their work regarding using an intuitive approach to my drawings, and experimenting with ways of completing and filling them in with different patterns.

On examining and analysing my drawings, depending on wether I use curves or straight lines only, seems to evoke a different emotional response within me. The geometric ones seem to evoke quite a brittle response, whereas the ones with curves make me respond in a softer way.

I have also found that where my drawings go to the edge of the paper make me feel free, and that in my imagination the pattern carries on beyond the page.

I feel a sense of confinement where the pattern is more centred on the page with quite a large margin.

Mage Gill’s patterns tend to go to the edge of the paper, whereas Scottie Wilson’s appeared to be more cantered.

I am going to research the work of Adolf Wolfli and outside art for further inspiration.


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