Change of direction 2nd Febuary.

Further to recent images I posted on my blog, where I experimented with drawings consisting of lines only, or curves, or a mixture of both.

I have been so surprised with the results and the way the picture changes as I fill in the spaces, that I am going to concentrate on these rather than creating characters for illustration. Although I am not deserting the idea of illustration completely, I feel that the previous work I have done on this course has lead me to discovering this way of expressing art in a way that fascinates me. If I had not come on this course I do not think I would have found this as an  outlet for my imagination and artistic development.

I feel that I have been so fixated about illustrating a story and nothing else, that my mind was close to other things. I now feel that it is okay to go in a different direction, and I am not letting myself down in not accomplishing one task before starting another one. The fact that Leonado Devinci had many many projects going at the same time makes it okay for me. Not that I would ever compare myself to that great  artist.

Commercially I feel there are many possibilities concerning this kind of work, but for the moment I am going to concentrate on seeing how the patterns  develop as I fill them in. I am looking to possibly sell them as pictures as a start.


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