1st critiques 25th January

The critiques today were given by Harry, Emily and Micheal. Apart from the Fad course some of the 1st year degree students were in the audience.

Harry was the first to give his presentation, he showed lots of images and he tied his work into the theme of politics. I am not sure where he was coming from with that, but he presented his very good work well

He seems very much influenced by Devinci, but as he replied to one of Jamie’s questions, this is at this period of his life.

During the question and answer period, what started off as a tikka masala developed into a vindeloo from Jamie. I felt Harry held his own very well and took on board suggestions that Jamie made and did not take it as criticism.

Although Emily’s presentation was really to do with a Japanese theme, it became somewhat side tracked through questions about a project she had done regarding Donald Trumps quotes and the knickers she had printed them on. A thing I do not think she had expected, as it was not her main project.

The strange thing was, Emily was asked far more questions regarding the knickers than she was about her Japanese project.

If I remember rightly Micheal’s work was all experimental but very good, it involved overlaying existing images and changing the pictures. He really did not say much about where he was going with his work, but I think like most of us he finds that is the most exciting aspect of it all. Micheal made me smile when he asked for a korma critique from Jamie. As Jamis was called away to a meeting, neither he nor Emily got his feedback. It would have been interesting to hear what he had to say about them

Each delivery was different which I think is to be expected, it would be interesting to get Jo and Jamie’s input as to which one worked the best, or whether they were all good in their different ways or how they could be improved upon.

When the 1st year degree students  were asked to do critiques, it was interesting to learn that they had not produced sufficient work to do one, rather odd I thought as I imagined it would have been the other way round.


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