Madge Gill, outside art.

Last Thursday  Peter was discussing my work with me regarding my  design work and how I was using different shapes and outlines to fill in the patterns. He guided me  to the artist Madge Gill as a way of getting inspiration and ideas to fill in the spaces.She is what is known as an outside artist, a term I have not come across before.

I looked up her work on google and was amazed at how much my work was like hers. The shapes and designs she has used to produce her pictures are so imaginative and extensive. What I like is how she has just drawn a face and then completed the picture just by using different designs

She was born in the 19th century but her work is so much of today.

I started doing my designs as a way of experimentation but It seems to have taken hold of me, especially the ones without straight lines. Peter said I need to do more filling in which I will do. Some of the filling in I have used seems to work better than others, but generally speaking I like the effect of them all.

Below are examples of Madge’s work, also an image of her.



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