Researching illustrators 16 1 2017

Researching illustrators is an absolute minefield in that the variety is endless, and so so varied. Last week Jo opened up my mind to the numerous ways of illustration. The only thing is that the more choice you have the more difficult it is to decide which way to go. That is where I am at the moment, deciding in  which way to illustrate my story.

I know Jo will be expecting me to decide quickly on my story and illustrating it, but because there are so many ways of working I am not going to rush it.

Over the weekend I studied  a few books, one being one by Ella Richardson and Lydia Monks which I really like.


Another one is by Bethany Rose Hines,

Some times I think, Sometimes I am by Sara Fanelli is so unusual, with so many styles the variations are truely amazing. It has made me realise that any style of drawing, as long as you get the message across is acceptable, and in some ways the simpler the better, so I am definitely going to explore that way of illustrating, she is so imaginative.


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