Digital work done this morning

I did more work on the mac this morning, 16 th January. One of the things I struggle with is remembering which button to press to get the result I want, or to experiment with things. However this morning I tried just drawing on plain paper and am quite pleased with the result, especially the little elf. He did not look much to begin with, but on adding colour, he seemed to gain a personality, I think he is quite cute

Next week in the mac room I am really going to experiment with my drawing and see what comes out of it.

Last week Jo showed me how you can cut into a book and make the characters stand up, so I am going to find a children’s book and experiment with it. I am also thinking of makin g a three dimensional figure, so much to do

Drawing wise I am feeling more imaginative as I go on, what the end result will be, I do not know.


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