Ideas for story, to be considered12th January 2017

These are the ideas I thought about for stories today.

1. Main character (idea). Make a map of the brain and take idea through the process of the start and the end of the journey to eventually come out of the mouth.

What does an idea look like?

2. The u happy sunflower. The rain had made her sad and her petals were dripping wet, how to dry them and how is she goi g to end up happy?

3. Fluffy clouds  make up a family. They have baby clouds when the rain within them gets too heavy and they need another cloud to hold the excess water.

4. Mole has a run of different paths and they keep collapsing, so he has to find a new home. He is not very good at building tunnels.

These are ideas which could be developed, but I want to see what further ideas come out of my imagination before I decide completely on the story I want to work on. Wether it is my own story or an existing  one remains to become seen



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