Intrim assessment for unit 5. 10 Jan 2017.

Jo’s intrim assessment.     Strengths and area for improvement.

Some exploration explained in the ideas for illustrations of a made up character and then geometric drawings exploring pattern and textures.

Trying to develop skills, including digital development including photo shoot and illustrator.

A little lacking in focus, Kath now needs to think about the illustration and the narrative in order to move forward with the work.

Blog is getting much better


1. Attend life drawing sessions on a Tuesday.    2.Develop prospective drawing skills with Kim and Jo.       3. Develop ideas for a narrative — use existing story or own, breakdown into Illustrations.    4. Explore the potential of geometric as landscapes and development of illustrations through college.    5. Research illustrators e.g. Sarah Farelli.

Target grade pass.

On reflection of the assessment by Jo of my work up to date, and studying the feed back  both from her and other members of my course, I really appreciate and value it. I agree that I do lack focus to a certain degree, a thing I must try to remedy. Also,   both she and the other students raised different avenues and directions that my work could take which I had not thought about. In a lot of ways I can be rather a stick in the mud so their input really got me thinking about other ways to develop my work.

One thing I must do is more research and more documentation of my work.

Although I have still to decide in which direction to take my work regarding style I feel much more open about the different ways it can progress.



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