Inspiration(Bridget Riley)

The above picture draws a parallel with the type of picture I have become interested in which is geometric in design.

When I was discussing geometric designs the other day with Sally, and she very kindly gave me Bridget Riley’s name to look up on the internet.

I find her work fascinating especially in the fact that she does all her work freehand with no guides or rulers.

She was born in 1931 and is still working. Most of her work is In black and white, but some are multicoloured. However, the black and white ones are much more dramatic to my eye.

I am going to investigate further the way she works and achieves the effects she does.

With the work I have been doing today I have experimented drawing

curves on one page and lines on another and not mixed the two. Having no plan in mind, but just to see what develops from my efforts. The more I worked the more fascinated I have become with the whole project and the results I have achieved.

At the moment I have left them just as I have drawn them in pencil, but as I progress I am thinking of ways to colour them to show them to their best effect.

One minute I am thinking in terms of black and white, and then my curiosity makes me think and imagine how they would look done in various colours.

The thing I will have to give serious thought to is in which way to colour them, wether to use paint, fine pens  or crayons. The pencil I have been using up to now is very hard and so the result is very pale, but I think the danger of using a softer lead is that the lines will be less defined.

Time will tell what transpires. One thing is certain, each picture, drawing, call it what you wish, will be a one off original.


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