Progress of unit 5 First pathway morning

Well, it is a while since I last posted a blog, for two reasons really, one, health matters have taken priority, (but hopefully these will soon be resolved,) and two, I have been, and still am to a degree, in limbo regarding my project.

After being absent for a week, when I came to college yesterday Sally had a discussion with me about where I was with my project, and she really helped me to clarify my mind, in that, paradoxically, it is okay to just do work which I am drawn to and see what emerges from my efforts, that I do not need to have an end product in mind. I find this quite exciting.

My primary aim to begin with was illustration for children’s stories, (and really, still is), but I have been somewhat sidetracked in doing pictures of straight and  curved lines and painting them.

This is all purely experimental, but I am enjoying it so much. Consequently, the two are running in tandem with each other.

Sally was so helpful regarding the use of paint, because such a simple thing also knowing how to use the various mediums, oil, acrylics etc, was a mystery to me. I spent the afternoon producing an abstract image using acrylic paints, and although the result was so childish, boy, did I enjoy myself.

img_1573I took a picture of my effort on my iPad to include in this blog, and on the iPad, the image looked really good, but that is only my opinion. On thinking about it, I really should have taken a picture half way through my effort, then I could have shown a progression of the end result. Must remember next time. On saying that, I often get so engrossed that I do forget to document my work with photos, very remiss of me, must do better.

Getting back to children’s illustrations, and my geometric images, I have realised that they equate very well together, both being made up odd curves and straight lines.

Later in the morning of pathways, Jo came up to me and also asked about my project. Apparently I should have been in her group which includes illustrations, but I was under the impression that fine art included illustration. I have ended up straddling between the two, which Jo said was fine.

When Jo asked how the illustration side of things were going, I admitted that I had come up against a blank wall, no ideas, imagination zero.(Will my story ever materialise or forever remain a pipe dream, the reality is, that it is entirely up to me and my endeavours.

Jo very kindly gave me advise on drawing in order to get through the blank wall. This involves just copying something without looking at the paper or taking the pencil from the paper. It seemed a good idea and I have tried it, but I really must make more of an effort. I feel so lazy at the moment. Do not know wether it is because of health issues or if I am just using that as an excuse, I really don’t know.

I will finish this blog which is rather long.

Chapter two will appear as my next blog, which will, I think, be more in accordance with what is expected in recording my progress of the overall course so far.


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