Dean Hughes Talking about his work

The talk by Dean Hughes really expanded my perspective and idea of art. He was so interesting, just thinking about the talk fills me with amazement as to where his ideas come from. He is a total original and has a different slant on why he does what he does.

The work he has produced includes:

Embroidary through paper 1993-6.

Embroidary on London bus seats 1993-6.

Bus tickets signed by the bus driver.

A bus ticket in a hole 1996

Two pieces of ruled paper 1996 each having lines and punch holes in different places.

Filling up puddles on a day it did not rain.

A photograph of the sky taken from within a passport booth.

All these works are totally different from each other, and his thoughts on how he produced his art really made me think.

These are the thoughts I am grateful to him for passing on.

He thinks that a good state for an artist is not to know what they are doing, (brilliant).

He does not like style, he thinks that art should be annoying.

It is not a straight road.

Artists don’t know what they are doing, if they they do it becomes problematic.

I really like the two pieces of ruled paper, in just by moving the lines and punch holes a totally different image is produced.

The idea of him embroidering bus seats for two years amused me greatly. I should imagine that he found it quite exciting in a way, little like a naughty school boy doing something he knew he shouldn’t.

But I did like what he said about being an artist, it made me think how rigid my thinking has been in the past.


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