The Scratch Film

img_0391Scratch film, also known as direct animation

The scratch film was inspired by artists such as, Len Lye, Thad Povey and Stephenie Maxwell.

It involves scratching images or designs on to 16mm film and using permanent colour pens if desired to achieve the the result you want.

For our scratch film we used Sharpiecolouring pens only to make ou film.

The film was layer out over numerous tables, and each member of our group was allocated approxImately 24 frames (which accounted for 1 second of film) on which to create an image. The frames were extremely small, so therefore the images had to be done in a size to fit the frame

I made my design with smiley faces. Without realising I made them too large. Instead of fitting into one frame I seemed to draw them over three frames. It was only by looking  at other people’s work that I realised my mistake. However I will know next time, and as this was my first attempt, I can only improve.

On completion of the film Brian transferred it on to a reel and we went over to the film studio where it was placed on a prejecter so that we could see the results of our efforts.

It was very Interestin and all sorts of images appeared on screen.

Unfortunately my design did not stand out sufficiently for me to recognise it, and I did not think to take a photo when the film was running.

The image that did stand out very clearly was that of an angel, it was excellent.

If I did it again I would make sure that I drew the pictures to fit a single frame and I would think more about the subject matter.



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