A project followIng on from Document of the day working as a group.

This project was to create something which incorporated. Photos, ideas, and images collected since the beginning of the course. This could be in terms of collage, fashion design, photography, film or montage. It was for each group to decide.

The group I was with consisted of 8 people who really did not know each other, so in a way it was a way to get to know each other better. At first we were all rather reluctant at putting our ideas forward, but we gradually got used to each other.

As a group, after exchanging ideas and changing our minds, we decided to create a dress.

As the morning wore on we began to feel more comfortable with each other, and as the day wore on I must say we worked extremely well as a group, listening and acting on good suggestions and ideas, which each and every member of the group contributed to.

The group as a whole decided to create a dress using the paper images of objects, buildings etc, in and around  Blackburn. These images of course reflected the Blackburn of today.

Intially the idea was to produce a T shirt and skirt to match, but on thinking about it we decided it would not work. So two of out group (Amy and Joe) obtained some material, and working on a mannequin, created a top in blue material, then made a wire frame on which to make the skirt of the garment.

Our first thought was ta attach the photos to material and drape it around the frame. However Sally made us think twice about that idea, and said to try to think of some other way of attaching the photos to the frame. Once again (as throughout the project) an idea by one of the group was taken on board, which was to attach the photos directly on to the frame with wire.

Everyone worked very well together, and without exception we were really pleased with the dress we had made.

To me it has shades of Vivienne Westwood in it but not as flamboyant.

In a frivolous mood and at Kim’s suggestion, we photographed it in various locations including the lift and outside under a tree, all good fun.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the projects was how well we worked together as a team.



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