The clay pot, following on from marking paper.

Once in the potting room, Kim explained the importance of not having air holes in the clay we were working with, however, the clay we were working with was new so there should be no air holes in it anyway.

We could decide what shape we wanted our pot to be, if it was going to be square you needed four sides and a base. I decided to make mine leaf shaped as I love trees, but then Kim suggested that I could make a totally irregular shape. The idea of which I really liked.

I have rolled out two pieces for the sides and one for the base. In order to keep the clay level when rolling it out, I had to place two pieces of wood of the same depth at either side of the clay, this also stopped me from rolling out the clay too thinly.

To decorate the sides I used a piece of copper mesh and then overlaid it with striations and impressions of a cockle shell. As usual I wasn’t really enamoured with the effect it produced. I felt I could have done better.

When it came to rolling out the base, on talking to one of the other students we decided to make a mark on it to indicate  that it was our pot.

We started talking about the cave prints of thousands of years ago. Because of that she left a handprint on hers, as she had on the sides of her pot. I drew a pattern on the base of mine with my finger, which I must say I like so much better than the pattern I have put on the sides of my pot

The clay had to be left for two days in between newspaper to let it dry out slightly, so that when I shape it, it will not collapse. Then the next step of it’s creation will take place, which should prove interesting. I really wish that I had used my finger to design the sides of my pot instead of using the mesh and shells. But there was nothing I could do about it as we had run out of time.


To put it succinctly, the pot definitely did not work out as I had envisioned, but, it is rather more interesting than I thought it would be, as it is not what you would strictly call a pot





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