Reflection and Evaluation

Reflection and evaluation, where does one start?

I have asked myself, would I have started this course if I knew what I was letting myself in for. I must admit that many times throughout the last five weeks the answer would be no.

There is so much to learn  and take in without, in my case the time to digest it all.

But, after feeling totally out of my depth and thinking, “What have I let myself in for”, more so as the weeks have passed by, (to such an extent that I have felt like giving the whole thing up), I look back and cannot believe the new experiences I have had and how much I have achieved

It has taken me out of my comfort zone and been really hard work. But all in all, looking back, it has opened up my mind in so many directions and got my brain working again.

On reflection it has been challenging on so many levels, but exciting too.

All the the work I have undertaken could be vastly improved as it has all been a first time experience for me. But as the they say,”A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. I have taken my first step, and the more steps I take the better I will get, it is up to me.

I want to discover what is inside me and what I am capable of. This course is giving me the opportunity to find out

On evaluating my work there is so much that needs attention. By that I mean I really have not got to grips with analysing my work, the thought behind it or researching people who would influence my work. If I am totally honest I don’t want to be influenced by other people’s work.

I want my thoughts and ideas to be totally original.

I do need to be able explain my thought processes better regarding materials used and my ideas, but then again I cannot say where they came from and who influenced them and where they are going. Such a lot that needs to improve.

I have a feeling that even this reflection and evaluation blog is not what Jo and Jamie mean by reflection and evaluation, but I did not know of another way of doing it.


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