Marking Paper.

What a busy afternoon, it began with making patterns with different materials from objects we had brought back from our trip to Blackpool, twigs, cones, flowers, even bubbles landing on paper and allowed to burst in their own time. The  variations were endless.

I am coming to the conclusion that I am not  very imaginative, in fact very conservative in my tastes in some respects, so I approached this project as with all the others I have done so far, with the thought, “Where on earth do I start”?

Well, I mixed green and white water paint together, just by putting the white paint on top of the green and applied a roller over it. This gave it a marbled effect which looked really interesting, but unfortunately the effect did not transfer to the paper very well although a sense of texture did show through. I filled a sheet of paper, and to make it more interesting I mixed black and white paint together and applied it over the green paint with a twig. I am not sure this was in the true spirit of the excercise but it was fun, even though I don’t think I would win any medals for artistic merit.

I even tried blowing bubbles on the (what I would very loosely call) design to see if that  added anything to the overall result, unfortunately it didn’t, so I decided to cut my losses and leave it as it was.

My next attempt was rather moe successful, I stuck to using a twig and different coloured paints. I did small patches of different patterns over a large piece of paper using either green paint or black mixed with white. I some of the effects I achieved were quite pleasing. I was going to try some more of the same, but Kim asked who was interested in making a clay pot. I was so I had to leave what I was doing and go to the clay room.

I must say on reflection that maybe I am not so conservative after all.


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