Everything is illuminated

Everything is illuminated.

Directed by Liev Schroeder.

I did not know what to expect with the film this morning. I decided to keep an open mind about it.It took quite a while to get going and I did not really know what it was all about, but as the film progressed I began to really get into the story and warmed to the characters.

I found the humour very subtle.

The story itself I found very moving.

The fact that the old lady kept all the arctifacts belonging to the people who were killed made me think of the cave paintings, in that they were a reminder to people that they had existed.

A thing that has stuck in my mind is  the man who refused to spit on the Torah, even under the threat of his daughter and her unborn child being killed. But then, all the people that had spit on the Torah were killed anyway.

Did the grandfather kill himself to be with the people who perished all those years ago, had he felt guilty about surviving when everyone else had perished.

My mind has gone off at a tangent and I am thinking about when the grandfather went to the library and took out all those books even though he could not read. He just liked to hold them.

I can really identify with that, you do not always have to understand something in order to get pleasure from it.

Thinking about it again, I get a sense of how much he would have liked to read, and feel so sorry for him. I warm to him so much more than I did at the beginning of the film.


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