Monotone Print

Monday 26th September.
Today has been yet again another first and as usual challenging yet rewarding day.
I learnt the art of monotone printing. For this you use water based paint as apposed to oil based paint which was used for the Lino cut prints we did.

This method of printing is achieved by rolling paint over a plain piece of Lino with a roller, then placing a piece of paper on top. You then put your print, design, picture, whatever on top of the paper face up.

As careful as possible, trace over the picture using whatever tool you think will give the best result. This could be a pen,pencil, the end of a ruler, nail, the choice is extensive.

The whole thing is then put through a press to transfer the design onto the paper. Because the print room was very busy with people doing Lino prints, we just pressed very hard on the paper with our hand in order to transfer the image onto the paper.

One of the things you had to be careful of was not to let your hands touch the picture whilest tracing around it, as the pressure would transfer ink onto the finished print. I found this very difficult and I must say my hand did touch the paper. Result, ink on the finished print where I did not want it.

I did not realise that the print would be a mirror image, when I saw that it was, it did not look right to me.

Monotone printing is much easier and quicker than Lino cuts, but I think Lino cut printing gives a much clearer outline. Also, although it takes longer to make a Lino cut pattern it can be used again and again.

There was only time for me to do one print, and I did one of Charlie as I call my man on the bin. I can incorporate it into my project of document the day.

Not one of my favourite projects, I seem so lacking in inspiration, but I can only do what comes to mind, hopefully the ideas will begin to flow more easily as time goes on.


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