Jamie’s Lecture on Painting

As with his last lecture, I really enjoyed it.

He came from an angle of art that I had not thought of before, that of it fulfilling a need in the human physic for self expression, which goes beyond the need to survive in the physical sense.I found the fact that, although they had no tools as such, they still found a way to fulfil their need for self expression, and even so long ago, they had intellect, a thing I would not have thought they possessed. Now why I would think they had no intellect, I do not know.
Discovery of artefacts from thousands of years ago are a constant source of amazement because of the standard of workmanship and their beauty.

The need for self expression goes back many thousands of years as been proved by the discovery of cave paintings throughout the world.
An example of cave painting was found in France at the Lascaux caves in 1940. They depicted handprints and hunting scenes

The hunting scenes depicted the world they lived in, whereas the handprints were more personal as they were leaving something of themselves which would last long long after they had gone.
In a way what they did is far far far more enduring than how we express ourselves to day. What will remain of our artistic efforts in say, 50000 years from now. It makes me feel that I want to leave my handprint somewhere as a sign that I have exsisted.

So where does this creative need come from? It must be in our DNA, and is stronger in some people than in others, As a species,(because that is really what the human race is) the act of self expression fulfils something within us that goes beyond merely surviving.

I was going to include print from the Lascaux caves but I seem to have lost the facility on my iPad. if I find it I will include them at a later date.


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