Day trip to Blackpool 9th October 2016

Today we had a trip to Blackpool to see an exhibition of neon lights which was held in the art gallery attached to the Blackpool library.

The exhibition itself was a revelation, not only in the beauty of it, but in how different an everyday thing can be used in such an artistic way

It was the French inventor George Claude who patented his system of illuminating gas in a glass tube in 1911

There were Amy different artists work on display not least Tracy Emin’s, who, to be honest is not someone whose work I am drawn to, but her “I know I know I know piece, after it had been explained to me I really understood. My favourite piece of the exhibition though was the cement mixer.

The original designs for the 1930s neon eliminations I found very interesting, they looked so basic compared to today.

It was interesting to learn that, after Paris and New York Blackpool was one of the first places to display neon.

Besides visiting the gallery I got a chance to walk along the promenade and take lots of photos which reflected the essence of Blackpool, bingo, amusement arcades and just the glorious tackiness of it all, wonderful.

I also got some wonderful pictures of the rust underneath the pier, a work of art in itself, natures art.

It was a great day out, I really enjoyed it.


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