Pathway 3D

This, as in all aspects of this course is he first time I have done anything like this, so it is a huge learning curve for me.

The aim of this project was to carry on from the theme of document the day and make something in either 2 or 3D.

Having been given wonderful advice from Kim I decided to construct a panel depicting a litterbin.The design of which I have taken from a photograph already taken as part of document the Day project.

Idecided to make this in wire and to use spot welding as a means of attaching the wires together.

Kim ran through the health and safety procedure with us then Bill showed us how to use the spot welder. To begin with,it helped to work in partnership with someone else when using the spot welder. One person holding the work whiles the other person operated the machine. This was very good for cooperating with each other.

I was rather hesitant to begin with as I did not know where to start. Once again with Kim’s guidance I began cutting lengths of wire following the outlines of the bin. The wire was rather tough to cut, but like most things, the more I did it the easier it became.

Gradually the bin began to take shape. One of the things that Kim suggested was to make the logo of the man putting litter in the bin. I must admit I was not enamoured of the idea to begin with as I thought it would be too fiddly. But hey ho,nothing ventured ,nothing gained.

It was fiddly, but I did manage to construct a person resembling the man on the litter bin. Then low and behold, (out of my own thoughts) I decided I needed to construct a litter bin in order to make the logo totally recognisable. This I did and when attached to the panel, the overall effect was much better than I expected. But, if I am being totally honest, I would finish the bottom of the bin more neatly the next time I did it. It does look rather amateurish to me.

The photo which I took the design from showed foliage on the left hand side, once again at Kim’s suggestion, I decide to add some to the panel with wire.

As in all of the project, it was a huge learning curve for me, but none the less very enjoyable. Bending the wire was not easy, but with each attempt my flowers became more recognisable.

I am a person who likes to do things well, and on each project of this course it has been a first time experience, so I look at it from, with practice I can only get better.

One of the most gratifying results of doing the panel was when one of the guys on course walked by and looked at the panel and said, “Cool, great”. I was so heartened by his remark. Not least because he understood and recognised what it was supposed to be.

Considering how much younger he is than me, I really appreciated it.

But thinking about what Jamie said in his lecture about art. art has nothing to do with art, so why should he not have appreciated work done by an older person. A good point to realise.

Saw all the possible ideas and ways of doing this project on Kim’s Pinterest site

There were some wonderful designs on there. It really opened my mind to fresh ideas and thoughts. So much so that I am I danger of being overwhelmed by it all. But I will cope It is all so exciting.




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