Lino Printing

Lino printing, a design is cut into Lino with a v shaped gouge or chisel.

The uncarved areas are the parts to be printed.The Lino is then inked with a roller called a brayed and then impressed onto fabric  or paper.

I designed something which did not really follow on from my project of the day. I wish I had, but I was not thinking straight. However,p the designI created turned out well.

Because I found it difficult to trace the design on to the Lino, I simply followed the lines which I could see through the transparent Lino, it worked very well. I printed the design on both fabric and paper which was done by using a press which had a huge wheel which had to be turned manually to pass the Lino etc. through the rollers.

Kim showed  and demonstrated to us the procedure of printing.

After inking the design with a roller which you passed over the Lino until all the paint was evenly distributed the lino was placed on a sheet of paper and placed on the press. Then the material you were printing onto was placed on top of the design ready to go through the rollers.

The press had to be adjusted according to the material going through the rollers.

After finishing using the design white spirit is used to clean the template, which could then be used again, maybe using a different colour.

If I get time I would like to do another template using my theme from document the Day project.

Once again I looked up the procedure for lino printing up on google and photographed some samples that I found there. how to make…



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