Fine art,overworking existing images.

Well! What a great morning.

Todays workshop had the title “Fine Art’. I was under the impression that it meant drawing, but no, we are doing that this afternoon.

This morning we did what. Kim called overworking an existing images. It involved using shiney photos and doing whatever came to mind to change it.

Bleach, paint, varnish,white spirit, sandpaper, screws, brushes, in fact, anything you wished to use was allowed.

I started off by using bleach on a beach photograph, what I found fascinating was how the colours did not appear at the same time, but one after the other. It made me more curious about how the developing process works.

I then became more adventurous and used paint, varnish and white spirit on other photos, each had a different result, some I liked more than others.

One that I particularly like started off as a picture of a red rose with dewdrops on. I painted out all the dewdrops and shading of the picture and in the end you could not tell that it had started off as a rose.

Looking at other people’s attempts I noticed that in the main, they seemed to stick with one style, although experimenting with others.



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