Document the day My journey

Moving on from my blog last night, my headache has receded somewhat.

Although I have published some blogs already, I feel that five weeks into the course, my journey has just begun.

It is strange that only last week, the fact that I had not really got to grips with blogs and the number of outstanding blogs kept piling up was overwhelming me, as was the course.

I am now gla d that I did not post my blogs earlier. It has taken this long for me to realise that at the start  of the course I did not have the ideas, imagination, inspiration and thirst to know more of art in all it’s diversities that I have now

I would have written my blogs in a totally different way and from a totally different perspective

After blogging my thoughts last night I feel that I have got a lot off my mind. So here goes, beginning from week two, ( I was stuck over in Spain and could attend week one    ) which right from the start I felt put me at a disadvantage, as I had not a clue what Document the Day  meant, even though Jo gave me  a handout on it.  I am speaking purely from my own experience here, I know other people have come to the course later than me, buy I can only relate how I feel.

But enough of all that, back to day one.


The morning was spent in the computer room  where we were shown how to log on to WordPress. Poor Mandy, some of the computers were not working and we were all at doddering levels of expertise on computer, yes, I think I was the least knowledeable in the class.

Mandy was very good and did not lose her cool.

Little did I know that mastering the computer was to become the gainers of my life. Trying to operate the computer in college compatibley with my iPad was to prove and still is so frustrating. But slowly, very slowly, ( although I still have a long way to go,) I am getting to grips with it. As they say, things can only get better.

In the afternoon  I learnt, or I should say was introduced to the technicalities of composition when taking a photograph.

I tried to take a picture through the window using the principals I had been told, but to be honest, I did not do very well. But on reading the handout again I understand it much better.

To me composition means above all, a pleasing balance, focal points and highlighting certain aspects of a picture.

On thinking about it, I think I take these points into consideration instinctively when I take a picture.

Here endothelial my first true blog.


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