Not a good day

It is Sunday night and my intention this weekend was to catch up on all my. Blogs, unfortunately the road to hell is paved with good intentions I am really using this blog to get things off my chest. I am really glad I started this course, although it has taken me completely out of my comfort zone and most of the time I have not really known what I am doing  and have felt completely out of my depth.

On Thursday I don’t know why, but it really got to me and I felt so overwhelmed with everything,( which is not like me ) and I felt very down about it, felt like chucking the whole thing in.

I thought it through on Thursday night and felt more positive about things on Friday morning. I promised myself that I would catch up on all my blogs over the weekend

On Friday morning I had to go to the hospital for tests to see if I have angina. I have to walk quite a way to the college from were I can park my car and I have found that I have to keep stopping because I get  terrible pains in my arms and also my chest. At the hospital they gave me some tablets to take once a day. I have been getting awful headaches after taking them, to such an extent that I cannot concentrate properly. Hence I have not done my blogs, but I am not going to take the tablets any more so I will be able to catch up with them this week

I am finally getting to grips with the way the course is run and am glad it has taken me out of my comfort zone. I am appreciating how many new things I have learnt.

With a LOT of hard work over the next two weeks I will have everything in place my assessment.


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