Print and Textiles

27th September

Today the aim was to produce a collection of surface design samples following on from the theme of Document the day and bringing some of the elements we have produced together to incorporate them into a finished item.

The methods we learnt could be done on various materials, (we used paper and fabric), included using the sewing machine to produce a pattern and collage, producing an image from a screen print, already made from a picture made from previous work of Document the day. Mine was Charlie, as I call the man on the litter bin.

I was rather apprehensive to begin with but as the day wore on I became more comfortable with what I was doing.After getting used to the sewing machine, the pattern I produced resembled the chaos related in a screwed up piece of litter. I also made a collage of material with flowers on.

The pictures that I have included on this blog show the results of my efforts, which I am really pleased with, especially the one where the chaos of the screwed up paper shows through an image of Charlie.

The screen prints that I did were rather blotchy and I would have done them again if I had had the time.

Experimenting with the different paints water and bleach produced some surprising patterns on both fabric and paper, and made me realise that art can take the most I expecting turns. I hope the pictures shown show my efforts to good effect.

Although I enjoyed the experience I need lots and lots of practise to get better at it, but then that is the case with everything.




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