This was the first lecture that I heard Jamie give. It was about art and made me see and think about it from a totally different aspect.
The thing which left the greatest impression on my mind was when he said that all art is contemporary, (OF IT’S TIME),
The whole lecture lead me down a totally different pathway, and opened my eyes to see things from so many different perspectives. It raised so many questions to be answered and discussed. each a huge topic in itself.Is art contemporary, fashionable or both.
Do issuses and trends of period influence the the way artists paint.
The reason I ask this question is because, when looking at  paintings of the Elizabethean period they all seem to have the same style of eyes.
The diversity of art is so vast, and variations endless
Attending college and seeing the wonderful creations on the walls, has struck me anew as to what wonderful things can come from one individual through their imagination and talent.
Post Script:
I have forgotten most of the details of the lecture as I did not take notes, a thing I must remedy for future projects and lectures. It is all a great big learning curve, none the less, a fascinationg one


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